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Many of RGRhoades' students are participating in award-winning jazz ensembles at both the middle school and high school levels. He has been responsible for preparing students for successful auditions to such schools as Lebanon Valley College, York College, Duquesne University and the Berklee School of Music.


  • Instrumental (Concert)
    RGRhoades had his original Latin instrumental piece entitled, "Magic Island" debuted in February of 1998, by Centre Dimensions, the prestigious jazz ensemble of Penn State University, under the direction of Dan Yoder, who also recorded the tune and included in their 1998 debut CD—"Pave the Way".
  • Vocal (Concert)
    "To Everyone, A Merry Christmas", a two-part children's choral composition penned by RGRhoades, was performed in 1999 by the Children Singers of Harrisburg, as part of the premier Christmas concert held at Whitaker Center for Science and the Arts. The previous year, he was both pleased and proud to have another original holiday SATB work, "It's Christmas Eve", premiered at the Mechanicsburg High School Christmas Concert.
  • Other (Production/Commercial)
    Performers all over the world use RGRhoades' four CD's of production music, designed specifically for the needs of magicians.
              RGRhoades has also written "Travelin' in my RV" for The Pennsylvania Recreational Vehicle and Camping Association (PRVCA), who continues to use this jingle in both radio and television ad campaigns.

Digital Music Services®
RGRhoades' most popular digital music service, editing, continues to find an expanded client base. He has edited music for Miss Freedom Forge 2001, award-winning pairs skaters Andrew Newberry and Kathy Boch, Central PA indoor guards, and One Broadway the Dance Center.

RGRhoades contributed a series of articles on the topic of MIDI, published in Sheet Music Magazine and others:

  • PMEA News, March 1994
    Technology in the Pitts
    pg 24
  • PMEA News, March 1993
    Current Events (MIDI Technology)
    pg 57
  • Keyboard Companion, Spring 1993
    Are You a Victim of Misguided MIDI Misinformation?
    pgs 40-42
  • Clavier, March 1993
    Misconceptions About Electronic Instruments
    pg 33
  • Sheet Music Magazine, Dec 1990
    A Buyers Guide to MIDI Keyboards
    pg 58 and 60
  • Sheet Music Magazine, Oct 1990
    More Music for Your Money with MIDI
    pg 10
  • The Music and Computer Educator, Summer 1991
    Mozart through MIDI
    pg 20



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